13 Honey Myrtle Way, Cranbourne VIC 3977, Australia
13 Honey Myrtle Way Cranbourne Victoria 3977 AU

Open-Minded Care – Comprehensive NDIS Care Services Empower Disabled People to Achieve Personal Growth Through Compassionate Care


Open-Minded Care is a popular and highly experienced disability support service and NDIS service provider from Cranbourne, Victoria. We offer a wide range of support services to disabled people to encourage them to live a normal life without any dependency through skill development and training.

All our staff and carers are highly passionate and provide person-centred in-home care to individuals with disabilities. We are the most trusted NDIS service provider across Victoria, offering exceptional assistance on daily life tasks to the needy. Our participants are trained to travel alone under the surveillance of our carers or staff. This helps them live independently.

Reach out to us to know more about the services we offer and schedule an appointment with our staff to find out the right NDIS plan for your support.

Our Services

Open-Minded Care motivates individuals who have disabilities to achieve personal growth through professional assistance and by offering various NDIS services. Here are the lists of services provided by Open-Minded Care to the participants.

•In-Home Care
•Community Access Support Service
•Assistance with Daily Activities
•Daily Personal Activities
•Accommodation and Tenancy Assistance
•Transport Assistance
•Household Tasks
•Innovative Community Participation
•Employment or higher education access
•Group and Centre-Based Activities
•Shared Living Arrangement (SIL)
•Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Why Choose Us?

Open-Minded Care is the most recommended NDIS care service across Victoria. We are the best when it comes to empowering individuals with disabilities. All our support staff and carers are fully committed to delivering the best care to our participants according to their needs.

Apart from that, here are the fascinating aspects that make open-minded care the best NDIS care service.

•Years of experience
•Genuine and comprehensive NDIS care services
•Personalised care plan
•A wide range of NDIS services
•100% customer satisfaction

At Open-Minded Care, we offer a wide range of NDIS services to the needy. Our support workers understand the challenges faced by disabled people to live a normal life, and they are willing to push their boundaries to assist participants in a normal lifestyle without any dependency. We work hard to make sure our participants live meaningful and enjoyable lives through proper learning from our NDIS services and program.

Our Community Access Support Service helps participants have an opportunity to mingle with normal social life and integrate with the existing community. Carers and support staff at Open-Minded offer proper assistance on daily household tasks and assistance with daily activities through teaching skills to eliminate the dependency factor.

We are well aware that not every participant requires the same kind of assistance, so we provide custom-tailored support services to all our clients according to their needs. Our experienced team of carers discusses with our participants and guides them to pick the right NDIS package. This ensures all our participants receive a personalised approach from our carers.

Open-Minded Care has years of experience in mental health and disability support services, and with all that expertise, we deliver optimal care to the needy. Our goal is to provide continual aid to people who have personal, physical, and emotional disabilities so they can live a normal life without any dependency.

Contact and Location Details

Open-Minded Care is located in Cranbourne, Victoria. However, we have a huge number of participants and happy clients from across Melbourne and its important suburbs, including Cranbourne, Lynbrook, Clyde, Officer, and Berwick.

To know more about the range of care services offered by Open-Minded Care, visit our official website at Feel free to call us and talk to our experts to schedule a consultation.

13 Honey Myrtle Way, Cranbourne VIC 3977
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